What The Name Means

“What’s in a name?” is an expression that we often hear spoken carelessly without being able to supply a convincing answer. It is this answer that Numerology supplies by interpreting the true characteristics in the expression of everything that lays claim to possess a name which is its own and by which it is recognized among men.

In the name of anything we have simply the vowels and consonants from which to adjudge its vibrations.

The value of the consonants, the shell of a language, was first discovered by Dr. Julia Seton, founder of the New Thought Church and School (Church of the New Civilization), who recognizes that the consonants decide the personality of the individual or thing under consideration.

Numerology dealing with individuals in character analyzation deals with the baptismal name–that is, all the Christian names and surname which you received at baptism, or, if you were not baptized, those which you were given by your parents or guardians. It interprets the character from three distinct standpoints called respectively: “Ideality,” “Impression” and “Expression.”

The vibration of the first is found from the simple addition of all the vowels in your name, the second is found from the addition of all the consonants and the third and last, from the addition of both the vowels and consonants.

“Addition” does not mean the adding up of the number of vowels, and consonants that appear, but in adding the numbers which will appear under each letter of your name after you have conformed to the following rules given in “Casting the name for analysis.”

First, however, it is necessary to fully understand what the terms Ideality, Impression and Expression mean.

It is well known that there is a great difference between what an individual may look like in his personality, how he may conduct himself in every-day expression and what he really is if we could get a glimpse of the real inner nature. This is the difference between Ideality, Impression and Expression.

Ideality reveals the character of our inner nature or what we are, Impression tells what we look like through the vibration of our personality, and Expression tells the channels which we choose to express ourselves by in our daily contact with life.

Our name is an exact record of our place in the cosmic plan; it is not an accident but a vibratory structure which we ourselves have built somewhere, have created, experienced and are now come to express.

Casting a Name for Analysis.–The following is the chart of Pythagoras vibratory cycle of 1 to 9 and the alphabet arranged into nine divisions.
The following example of preparing a name is the clearest method of applying these numbers and will afford the utmost ease in reading the character of a name after it has been practiced a few times.
In this example we have first dealt with the vowels in the name, placing over the top of each the number that corresponds to it in the table given. We have added the numbers thus given together until we have obtained a single digit, which has given us the Ideality.

The Ideality we have seen tells the basis of the character, the real strength of our inner ideals and desires; what we really are, as distinct from anything that we may appear to be. When a person’s everyday expression, for instance, is interrupted by adverse circumstances the vibration which is relied upon for new inspiration to rise is that of the Ideality. It depends therefore upon this vibration, whether the individual is really ambitious, religious, material or inspirational in the heart of his composition, and when we see any individual doing a big work in life, it tells us just how true this expression is to the real ideal of the individual or the motive that prompts its continuance.

When the Ideality has been found, turn to its number in Chapter Five, remembering always that, dealing with the Ideality, the explanations given will correspond to the inner ideals or what it is desired to express, and should be prefaced with the sentence, “You desire to be.”

Referring again to the name we have cast, we see that the consonants were the next to be dealt with, and that, dealing with each consonant, we found at last a final digit, 7, which told us the Impression. Turning to the explanations of the numbers again will tell us the characterisitics which this individual would look as if he possess.

A final reference to the second casting of the name shows that both the vowels and the consonants were added together until the final digit of 2 was obtained. Reference to the number 2 in our explanations will tell what this individual really expresses in everyday life.