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Negative Action

As the explanations given below are followed it will not be difficult to interpret the expressions of many individuals whom one meets continually in a day’s living and is rather at a loss to understand the purpose of their life.

The man who shines your shoes, the woman who scrubs your floors may both be above the plane upon which they are living, possessed of powerful vibrations which, although sensed by us through the indications of their personality, are to them as yet unknown and undiscovered in this incarnation.

Again, this aspect of vibration explains the artist born into an inartistic family; the individuals who are entitled by the quality of their vibration to material freedom and yet living in circumstances where to obtain the cost of every meal is a struggle. It is the explanation that so many wonderful constructive mental inspirational and material creations are born from the minds of those who are kept to an invalid chair for the better part of their lives.

The physical limitation upon all planes is the negative inaction which is the payment for former destructive living out of vibration; but here the higher self is often doubly awake to the constructive possibilities of life and reveals these possibilities to others by wonderful transcended expressions of the mind. The quality of such expression has been so intensified in many cases that the individuals have transmuted the physical limitation of the present life and become once more four-square with expression of body and spirit. In this action of the law of vibration the world sees a miracle of healing, its newspapers write of the circumstances, but the individual knows only, that prayers, visions and constructive building have come to expression.

Everyone in any stage of negativity is given this chance to work back into constructive expression and to regain the inheritance which they have forfeited sometime, somewhere.

1. Limitation.–Individuals who have little backbone in life, ready to perform the meanest service. Often seen as those people who one is certain could do higher work in life than what they are engaged in, if they could only be raised to a consciousness of themselves. Victims of their own destructive law in the past, these individuals are very often seen as blind, deaf or afflicted in some way, where they have never had an opportunity in this life to assert individuality or to be self-reliant, but have always been dependent upon others.

2. Dependence.–Lacks the force to gain very much for itself. Has very few individual opinions and readily reflects the ideas and expression of the people around it. Is too easily persuaded into doing meaner work for other people; is seldom contented but feels the burden of life and living rather heavily. While it is not disgruntled, doe snot feel the urge to mix with others.

3. Repression.–Will not or cannot take advantage of the opportunities offered to express the self, in artistic or any other lines. Unconcentrated; undecided, cannot make up their mind to any one expression, but taking up many things, doing a little of one and a little of another. Victims of their own destructive law in the past, are seen with the desire to express, but in an environment where accomplishment and higher development is impossible to them; led by circumstances to engage in unsuitable, technical work.

4. Lack of Ambition.–Just mechanical workers, working because they have to live and not for their personal advancement in any way. Not a very high development of intellect, asking only the opportunity to work and live from day to day.

5. Crucifixion.–Always seen to be fighting some little “fox in the vines” or some subtle craving for self-indulgence which is hard to rise above. Has a good deal of surrender of the things which it values most, many times because of the little indulgences which it lacks the strength of itself to overcome. Financial loss and negation to include. These individuals are often pictures of their destructive self-indulgence of the past, through devitalized bodies, disease and deformity.

6. Inhospitality.–Unwilling to serve; refuses responsibility through the care of individuals and situations. Is not so eager to associate, but more given to live alone in perfect detachment from other people. Rather despondent, tired through service, leaving other peole and conditions to take care of themselves.

7. Misunderstanding.–Feel always unable to express anything that they feel in their inner nature, consider that no one wants them or understands them, and that they have never had a chance. Victims of their destructive law in the past, are seen to be surrounded with many responsibilities and relationships from which they find it hard to be free, and which prevent them from gaining that opportunity to be alone which is so necessary to their unfoldment.

8. Failure.–Unsuccessful in speculation. Find it difficult to gain the prestige which they feel themselves capable of, in the business world. Victims of their destructive law of the past, are seen to be born into a family and to live in an environment where there is lack of material expression instead of freedom, where money is scarce and where they have to give the meaner expressions of service.

9. Emotion.–Full of contradictory vibrations; too easily moved by the things that appeal to the emotional nature. Undermine their expression by being over generous and take the trouble of others to themselves, weeping with those that weep, giving to all who ask, even beggaring themselves. Have lost the power of using other people wither for good or bad, and are imposed upon by others freely. Unable to obtain much for themselves as they are torn this way and that by the force of their own vibrations.