Vibration and Life

Life and Vibration are synonymous terms–to interpret the latter is to comprehend the former.

To study the practical interpretation of vibration is to know the the way of life, to unfold completely the mystery of the Self and to recognize how inter-related we humans are with every other plane of life that exists.

To possess this knowledge is becoming the object of all thinking people who realize that as the vibratory rate of our Universe increases, its inhabitants will naturally seek wisdom by which they may include life’s lessons by the more rapid way of transmutation instead of the long, tiresome path of experience.

The majority of the world, of course, still lives unconsciously, faces it initiations in ignorance of them and of itself, depending upon intuitional faculties and spiritual guidance which its mentality cannot easily accept or prove, to make the pathway easier.

This majority is becoming less year by year, for many individuals, having discovered that life in its fundamental principle is divine law or God–order–are finding their place in the scheme of things and working from within outward, are learning the life of order and expression rather than of chaos and repression.

Life thus understood is simple, but misunderstood is a serious accident.

Daily, men and women risk honor, home, position and happiness upon an intuition or sometimes and impulse which they would be ashamed to follow in the management of their everyday life, their offices or their households.

In the latter expressions they have learned to be systematic by application of the law of mathematical precision, but in the former, where sentiment and the deeper human associations may be involved, they have only worn-eaten platitudes and Universal standards of right and wrong upon which to really which never have and never will convince or corner that “I am” quality within us all which seeks for expression through our action, even though the results warned against may really come to pass.

Living in the material Universe and expressing our vibrations or life through the physical, it is only through a physical demonstration of the truth of being that the mass mind will comprehend the manipulation of the more subjective laws of right and wrong.

It is this physical demonstration that Numerology supplies by its use of numbers in relation with everyday life.

The numbers themselves tell nothing, but there has always been grouped around them a great deal of esoteric wisdom, and many centuries before Christ they were used by the Masters and teachers of the race as physical demonstrators of hidden vital truth.

“Figures do not lie.” One numerical equation is more convincing than one thousand words of advice which are often forgotten as quickly as the personality of their author; and a science that reduces human impulses, desires and actions to certain equations which mean the same thing wherever found does not lie, but voices eternal truth in language that even the most skeptical, willful individualist will accept because he must.

Does such understanding take the romance from life? Not in any way! It opens up instead new anticipations and certainties of happiness where often doubt and ignorance resulting in fear and worry have existed; it prolongs the helpful associations of the present; awakens the Universal soul of man by linking him in understanding with all other planes of life and draws his mind from the danger of immersion in the smaller personalities of the moment.

Numerology uses nine numerals, simply and directly to reveal to the many this wisdom which has been the possession of the few since the human race began, and that has enabled these few to transcend the limitation of human living through the understanding of man’s relationship and adjustment with and to God–Life–Vibration, which is in all and through all.

Each plane of earthly expression has its distinct laws of evolution which have to be experienced and expressed by its units before they can appear on a higher plane of expression, just as the pupil passes from the lowest to the highest form at school.

Man is this highest form of vibration in the earth currents and has included in his journey from the atomic to the human kingdom all the vibratory zones of the mineral, vegetable and animal, as witnessed by man’s positive control of these planes and his power to subject their laws to his will.

In the human vibrations there are many divisions through which we all pass and repass toward that stage where we can be removed from earth and express in angelic consciousness to meet again a new vibratory law.

In our journey from the first stages of human unfoldment we have lived many lives in various colors and conditions and every condition of every life which we have passed through has been created by ourselves as the result of understanding included previously, just as we recognize and handle the situations which come up in our present life and which we have had previous experience.

The result of our contact with these conditions has been included in our soul-wisdom and been rated as a finished initiation in our cosmic record–our baptismal name.

It is always the most interesting to study ourselves and this work will be mainly devoted to this phase of Numerology, explaining why we do certain things, why we neglect others, why certain expressions appeal to us, why others do not, our real purpose in life and many other things that can increase our happiness and usefulness.

It must not be overlooked however that this study can and does teach us to reveal accurately the expression of everything that exists.

To the younger generation Numerology supplies a need which has been prayed for by all its educators for many years, who have found that their chief difficulty has been that the young, inexperienced minds on the edge of life will not accept for their own guides well meaning words spoken from experience of another person. Fresh from their education, the study of mathematics and from the consideration of the definite proofs which they offer, they do not consider it ridiculous or impossible to have their own nature numbered and tabbed and numbered sign-posts of danger pointed out to them along the road they are to travel, because it is language they understand.

To those who are well along life’s pathway Numerology comes as a healing influence of revelation, answering the many whys and wherefores, turning the interrogation marks of uncertainty into exclamation points of certainty and conviction.

It points a way to take advantage of existing opportunities so that increased and lasting usefulness may be attained, and, what is more valuable very often, a method by which the experiences of the past can be transmuted into “stepping stones to higher things” for the future.