The Numbers

The numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 go to make up a complete cycle of human initiation; and these numbers when fully understood can explain to us every expression that is possible in the material Universe, whether upon the mineral, vegetable, animal or human plane.

Each one of these numbers existing as a Universal cosmic force is neither constructive or destructive, as all vibration or life having originated from the One source of God-Creation is good; but they do express the forces explained under the head of “General Characteristics” appearing later in this chapter.

Therefore it is well to dispel from our minds the belief in “bad” or unlucky numbers for they are all good and lucky in themselves, and if we know enough about them we can choose to keep those around us with more particularly harmonize with our own vibrations, bringing ourselves always into relationships where our happiness lies. It will be seen that the 1 to 9 cycle includes odd and even numbers and one of the first fundamentals which we can take into our understanding is that the former vibrate harmoniously to the intuitional, feminine or receptive expressions and the even numbers to the intellectual, masculine, side of life.

Beyond the general force of each vibration already mentioned there is constructive, destructive and negative action, but these are developed by the life spark in every expression manifesting, according to conscious or unconscious choice, the power of individual creation.

Man being the highest inclusion of vibratory law upon this material Universe has the power to develop the vibration or life principle of all the other earth planes into constructive or destructive action. This law is seen in the expression of two individuals who will bend to their wills the resources of one plane of life in entirely opposite directions.

Constructive action of any plane is just what its name implies: unfolding and evolving into higher usefulness. Destructive action is tearing down and destroying existing expression and through the neglect of reconstruction leaving an open doorway for entrance of the third aspect–negativity.

The last named aspect is that of force present but unexpressed corresponding on all planes to the darkness and formlessness of the Universe before the “spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”

It explains the human expressions in whom we can discover high points of vibration, but who are occupying positions or born into families where their possibilities are repressed rather than unfolded.

When individuals grow weary of situations which do not really express them and hold day by day before their inner consciousness the vision of the situations that do as achievements that are not impossible to them, they are re-creating themselves back into the constructive expression of their vibrations; whereas, through condemnation and resistance they surround themselves with destructive action, just as by passivity and complete acceptance they can remain in the negative or stage of repression.

There is but a hair’s breadth that divides the constructive from the destructive; and this is so often spanned unconsciously by the individual who, not really destructively inclined, finds so many methods of expression that have proved successful for his own life that he unconsciously forces these upon his neighbors and upon those who are under his charge, without consideration for the individual development of others, from which it is a short step to the continued destruction of the freedom of others and the destruction of his own personal opportunities, owing to the avoidance of his company by other of his fellows who represent vibrations which could very well complement his own and unfold his higher capabilities.

Thus we have General Characteristics for each vibration of 1 to 9. The General Characteristics are seen in action whether a vibration has been extended into the constructive, destructive or negative aspects.

We have also constructive action, which is the extending of individual vibration into the highest expression; destructive action, which is the misuse of man’s divine power of creation, and negative action, which results from previous destructive action, but is the plane where through repressed conditions man is often forced to choose which he will serve and to build for constructive future.

General Characteristics

1. Creation.–All life or vibration commenced with the 1 and therefore where this number is found it stands for personal creation and the building of individuality. It means individualization, self-assertiveness, self-reliance, reasoning and the faculties of the pioneer.

It cannot be expressed through too close attachment to individuals and conditions because it is the law of discards and means constant unity with conditions of adjustment, extracting material for building higher.

2. Collection.–The vibration of the mixer; collection of experiences, reflective rather than creative; the peacemaker; the base upon which broader material expressions are built up; responsible for the finest, smallest detail the “bricks” of all constructions.

3. Personal Expression.–Self-expression; adornment; art; criticism; observation. The composite of 1 and 2 has therefore added to the 1 of personal creation the experiences of the 2. Ambition; entertainment; social expression; fashion; inspiration; individual work.

This vibration is always necessary to the vibrations of 1 and 2, giving them complete expression, and is of itself more or less incomplete without either or both of these vibrations to rely on as an anchor or basis.

4. Materiality.–Lack of inspiration; home; patriotism; fact; endurance; application; concentration; positiveness; practicality; successful wage-earner. This vibration makes the understanding of spiritual and inspiration subjects difficult and gives dislike of social trivialities.

5. Life Experience.–This is a vibration that Pythagoras himself did not really understand and upon which modern interpreters have little to say.

It is the extension into a new cycle of expression and stands for dislike of control; eager interest in life and living; investigation; research into metaphysical subjects; inspiration; optimism; variety; science; versatility; companionship; originality; ease; fascination. This vibration gives attraction to everything but is held by nothing and is untrammeled in its choice of many phases of life expression.

6. Cosmic Adjustment.–Home; friendship; respectability; responsibility; care of individuals; reliability; domesticity; action; conscientiousness; attachment; morality; hospitality. It is the vibration that is drawn to marriage as an institution and that without personal responsibility through the care of other people will attach itself to care for pets; is the vibration of cosmic motherhood.

7. Subjective Re-arrangement.–The vibration of the finished worker; rest; peace; alone-ness; reflection; worship; reticence; this vibration is drawn to dim lights, soft colors, all nature’s expressions and to be rather jealous of its private life.

8. Material Perfection.–This vibration is the compositive of 2, 4, which gives its supremacy upon the material planes. It gives competence in all commercial or material problems; judgement; justice; research into spiritual things; dissatisfaction with limited material conditions; direction; control organization.

9. Complete Expression.–Intuition; deeper human understanding; emotion; sympathy; the extremist; freedom in action and thought; unorthodox; philanthropy; socialism; disregard of possessions; drama; tragedy; music; art.

In the conjunction of 3, 6 and 9 we have the complete trinity of artistic vibration. 3 the finer detailed decoration and the art of personal expression and adornment; 6 home arrangement and decoration; and 9 the expression of the soul of art in all directions.