Numbers in Action

1. Constructive Expression–Individualization. You are conscious of your own importance but not blind to the rights of others nor inconsiderate of their opinions. You ask the advice of other people but use this advice only as an aid to your own opinion, which is, and should always be, dictated by a feeling of confidence in your own expressions. You choose freely from the things around you what you need for a more perfect expression of your individuality, do not hang on to any expression of individual or situation too long, but discard readily the things that you have outgrown in order that you can pass on to higher and more developed possibilities. You love and give without thought of return and make willing unity with all conditions without resistance or self-pity for the expressions that you are called upon to surrender.

Destructive Expression–Dominance. You are egotistical, inconsiderate of other people’s expressions because you are so close to the personality of your own expression. You are given to living other people’s lives for them by recommending methods which you have found perfect, in stead of minding your own business. You worry and plan too much about the conditions around your life instead of showing the more universal spirit of trust and faith and letting your mind soar free of circumstances. You seek to hold individuals and conditions to your own personal life and surrender them only with a good deal of resistance, self-pity and remorse. You give advice where it is not asked and are given to studying the position and prospects of individuals rather than their feelings. You are “I,” “I,”I” all through life.

2. Constructive Expression-Diplomacy. You are tactful, anxious to please, never aggressive, but rather wait for the opinions of others before expression your own. You show yourself will to learn and collect all the knowledge on all the subjects you hear of, and to mix freely and upon an apparent basis of equality with all kinds and conditions of your fellow beings. You can place yourself readily under the law of giving and receiving by rendering the smallest service where asked. You will make any effort for peace and will always act as the peacemaker, seeking to appease the anger of others, and keeping your own temper in some trying circumstances.

You are individualized, but your individuality, gained in the initiation of the 1 vibration, is always kept in the background and is only expressed in a persistent way and never dominantly.

The Destructive Expression–Indifference. You are rather disgruntled, easily roused to anger; can become willfully destructive, tearing and destroying simply for the pleasure that destruction affords you. You do not care to mix and have no great development of individuality. You are careless of your surroundings, the people you mix with, and your appearance, and will abide only by the standards which you set for yourself from time to time. You make all kinds of promises but seldom fulfill any of them.

3. Constructive Expression–Ambition. You take ever opportunity that is offered for increasing your self-expression though always remembering the principle of concentration and order in your expressions and researches. You are sociable, willing to entertain without making yourself a spectacle through your self-expression. You strive to be the last word in the expression of your personality through being well dressed and artistic in your choice of dress and surroundings. You are inspirational, not seeking work with your hands but rather in the artistic or expressive zones. You like to be an interesting companion to others and are always tolerant of other people’s errors even while you see these very quickly. You can show patience in waiting for the materialization of your creations and in dealing with other people.

The Destructive Expression–Intolerance. You are rather selfish and have not a very high principle and are not above taking any means to get what you want or to attain you ambition of perfected personal expression. You are not serious enough to perfect yourself fully in any accomplishment, but following the latest attraction are rather unconcentrated, not really knowing what you want or how to get it. You are exacting and critical, engaged in an endless comparison of your own expression with that of others and always disparage yourself. You are impatient, feather-brained, and always know how everything should be done and said and it is difficult for other people to tell you anything.

4. Constructive Expression–Steadfastness. You are governed by your intellect and reason. You pay close attention to detail work in life and the working methods of the subjects and objects which you meet. You are seeking to raise yourself by a higher perfection in technicality; you are ambitious for knowledge of the practical useful kind and to rise to a position of power. You are willing to work and study hard to achieve and can be very painstaking. You are not interested in spiritual or intuitional subjects unless they can show practical demonstrations, and will not rebel against legitimate control exerted over you by other individuals or against the expression of service in your own life. You are very honest, reliable and exact, practical and can obey orders.

Destructive Expression–Discontent. You are dissatisfied with service, always consider that you are being exploited by other people, a clock-watcher and servant only because you have to employ your time somehow. You aspire to the higher places of control but will not work to prepare yourself for them. You are as good as everyone else in your own estimation and always likely to cause dissatisfaction to yourself and others. You pooh! pooh! everything that you cannot see the reason of at first glance and prevent others from seeking further along lines which you have rejected.

5. Constructive Expression–New Life. You are inspirational, inventive and intuitional; personally free, a traveler, a welcome companion, meeting life with open arms, ready to make unity with every experience that you meet as a means for higher unfoldment and expansion of yourself. You endeavor to maintain a Christlike expression by your universal attitude to conditions and through your versatility; yet you know what you want without needing to plan and prepare for you goal.

You rely more upon the unexpected rather than anticipate results and through faith and confidence in your own quality of expression are optimistic, fascinating, inspiring to others, expression sympathy with other people’s troubles and courage in your own. You live to your ideals and develop something in your life along scientific lines which can be a new interest to you continually, providing you with the opportunity to uplift others.

Destructive Expression–Indulgence. You express through self-indulgence in sex, appetite and self. You are very uncertain in your vibration, being very changeable in your actions. You have rather a poor moral standard and yet carry off your actions with a good deal of bravado which disarms many who would otherwise condemn. You procrastinate, are not a very good investment as an employee or friend, as you cannot be depended upon to make good in service or promises, although you are always full of ideas which gain people’s confidence. You resist change in the circumstances of your own personal life unless change is a matter of your own desire, and destroy your opportunities by holding on too long to things in a very similar way to the 1 vibration.

6. Constructive Expression–Reliability. You are a comforter giving willing service. You are conscientious, maintaining your own individuality even in service. You have a great love of home and friends and family and do not wish to live alone, nor for yourself alone, always expressing cheerfulness, never despondent, always the busy finisher of what you undertake even though it is not always easy to you. You are satisfied with pleasure in a quiet way and are rather a restful and cheering influence.

Destructive Expression–Anxiety. You are too anxious to serve even when and where you are not wanted. You overburden your life by the things that you voluntarily take on to do for others and are not such a restful influence, as you are given to bustle and to interfere and unable to stop for rest or relaxation. You sink your individuality service, often likely to become anchored to some life whose thoughts and acts you will find yourself copying to the destruction of your own individuality. You are imposed upon by others and resent it without seeing the cause.

7. Constructive Expression–Placidity. You are calm, refined and studious. You do not seek for constant expression in objective things, but ask only the opportunity to give something to the world as a priest would give it. You do not seek to control business or finance which do not interest you, but seek to develop something in your own life which can attract supply to you by its worth. You are engaged in work that takes you away from the bustle and noise of commerce where you have more opportunity to express in your own way, and from “behind the scenes” as it were, the truths which you feel subjectively. Having to spend much time alone you are not lonely, for through your attention to worship and introspection you can easily find many interests. You do not condemn expressions which you do not understand, but contact all life with an open mind. You are a worshiper, a listener rather than a talker, making every experience of life and individuals develop your subjective nature and provide new food for thought and theory.

The Destructive Expression–Turbulence. You are rather difficult to live with as you are very individualized and endeavor to make other people conform to your rather peculiar methods of expression. You condemn the things that do not conform with your theories and imagine that you have more ability than you really have in the objective world of business and seek to control, direct and dictate, material policy. You are rather unreasonable, not able to rest or live away from city life for long at a time and always being annoyed by its inconveniences when you have to unite with it.

8. Constructive Expression–Justice. You are successful in commercial expression and organization, take a personal interest as far as possible in all those you find around you as employees or helps, and while using these individuals legitimately to attain your own success you endeavor at the same time to give them the best opportunity of perfecting their own expression. You are very even tempered, with a good balance of intuition and intellect, although more inclined to be led by the latter. You have material freedom, direction and control; and financial aid will always come to supply your needs.

Destructive Expression–Injustice. You are successful in direction and control but destructive in your use of power, sweating those under you and taking the role of the oppressor and bully if you can serve your own ends. You seek to keep every other person connected with you subject to your individuality and never co-operate, only command. You are unscrupulous in your efforts to obtain and maintain your personal material freedom. Your main ideal in life is to have a greater expression of finance than anyone else because of the control that this can give you.

9. Constructive Expression–Love. You are humanitarian, a philanthropist, regarding all people of whatever race, color or creed as your brothers; having the highest expression of impersonal love, sending out, in your contact with others, only love, justice, mercy, seeking to make every man your friend. You exercise the power of healing consciously and unconsciously by speaking the right word at the right time and helping people in their troubles, relying upon your intuitional faculty more than the intellectual reason to guide you. Realizing your power over all other human expressions, you seek to use this influence constructively, standing as a revelator through art, through the power of healing or as a counsellor, giving will service to humanity, and have learned to transmute all passions into love and all personal desire into Universal understanding. You are free to go where you will and welcomed by everyone. You do not care for personal possessions and give freely of your substance, material and inspirational, to help the world to more complete expression.

Destructive Expression–Desire. You are rather personal in your expressions and desires, making distinctions between classes of human beings which extend far past their ordinary expressions. You use destructively to gain your own ends and for your own self-satisfaction the power which you have over the human emotions, by taking advantage of the confidences you gain from others in business, love or friendship. You play upon the emotions of your own and other’s compositions because of the fascinating interest which this affords and can easily express in anger, violent and blasting passions and personal love and raise these in others at will. In this expression you use the power of dramatic speech and emotional expression destructively and know how to wound by your words as no other vibration does, biting in your sarcasm, aggravating and passionate.

This is the most destructive expression even according to Universal standards, for in it homes are laid desolate, hearts broken, trusts betrayed and individuals’ lives surrounded with dead ashes of memory and physical wastes of disease.

Note–It is more usual to find in the interpretation of character by numbers, that individuals correspond to a few constructive and a few destructive explanations and the author’s intention is that by being acquainted with the two possibilities of our own vibrations we can readily tell when in our everyday expression we cross the line between them.