Construction or Destruction

It has always been a point in the interpretation of character by number vibration, how it is possible to tell whether an individual has developed himself constructively to conform to the constructive side of the vibration of his “Expression” or whether he is living upon the destructive and is misapplying his possibilities.

Numerology is the only science of self-analysis that can read the character and ability accurately without the subject being known or seen by the interpreter; and as such, it is finding a valuable place in the world because of the fact that the distance between the reader and the subject is of no account, providing the full baptismal name can be obtained.

Recent revelations through the mind of the author have disclosed a simple law which also makes the destructive action just as easy.

In the first place, a study of vibration can only lead to one conclusion as regards to the two expressions, one of which the world upholds as “good” and the other which it condemns and often shuns as “bad.”

This conclusion is that if all life is the expression of certain vibrations and these vibrations are all rays of the One divine source of creation, all expression is good; but that the greater number of times a certain number appears in the name which is the vibratory chart of an individual, the greater intensification shall we see of the action for which this number stands.

This leads us to understand that what is called constructive action is where one vibration balances or restrains another; and what is called destructive action or “bad’ is sure to occur where all vibration is on the one scale and has no natural restraining influences from the direction of its fellows which are the weaker in proportion.

It is not difficult with this understanding to discover that lack of balance makes a criminal or produces an enemy to society. Environment, although an aid, is never all to blame or there would be no persons who through some quality within themselves have transcended its limitations.

The cause lies in that fact that any individual, with an uneven balance of vibration, which the simple law of mathematics will decide as accurately as the chemist separates and labels his qualities and quantities, sent out into life with entire ignorance of himself and of where this lack of balance will lead, is certain to express destructively in any environment in which he may find himself.

This explanation has escaped all but a few of the world’s inhabitants, because everyone is too occupied looking at, talking about, and endeavoring to eliminate effects, to use enough commonsense to search for the cause, and in many cases attempting to protect themselves and the members of their families from these very effects expressed through other people, when within themselves and the units of their own circle causes are unconsciously being set in motion which can and will produce as dire results.

Understanding is the only antidote for temptation and violation, and when the guardians of the child and those great souls who are giving their lives in a worth effort to restrain the effects of impulses and seek thereby to uplift the race will commence to understand that all life is mathematical and subject to the divine law of order they will have in their hands an instrument which they can wield for more powerfully than all the wealth in all the banks of the world which they would now apply to correction, discipline or example.

The youth of our race is not led astray unless there is that weakness in the individual law of vibration which makes following easy; and they only method of preventing contamination in any class is to see that where the weakness is discovered its possessor is made aware of it before its effect is shown, so that he or she, understanding its possibilities, can arm and be armed effectively against temptation.

The first and principal method of applying this law to individuals is to compare the digits of “Ideality” and “Expression.” Should the same number appear in both cases, destructive action in the Expression number or both is assumed; should one number be even and the other odd, constructive action of the “Expression” number is assured by the fairly even balance that is obtained.

For example, we will take the Idealities and Expressions of two individuals, in the first: Ideality 9, Expression 8; and in the second: Ideality 5 and Expression 5.

This illustration will prove the law of balance which only numbers can determine for the individual where even expression has not appeared.

The first example cannot follow the destructive action of his odd Ideality 9, which is his desire for self-indulgence, and attraction to emotion, passion, hate and selfishness, because his even number of 8 Expression is opposite and demands perfection and ideal expression upon the material plane; neither can he express through the destructive side of his 8 Expression which is injustice and oppression, because of the restraint that is exercised by the humanitarian and sympathetic qualities of his 9 Ideality.

Our second example of having the identical vibration in the two most important equations of his character can be just as expressed in the destructive side of this vibration of 5, which is sex, appetite and self-indulgence, as his training and opportunity may allow.

The individual who is living up to the constructive explanation of his name vibration is on the path of destiny; while he who answers to the destructive aspect is building fate or “karma” for the future which will cause his expression sometime, somewhere in the negative aspect.

Those who come by this knowledge may profit by it, and by the knowledge of their own vibrations of Ideality and Expression and the comparison of their expression of them with the explanations that follow can adjust themselves constructively into Universal harmony.

The standards of one vibration must never be compared with the standards of another, for they are all distinct processes of initiation governed by their own law, and necessary steps to their neighbors.