Truths about Psychic Science

Every person is to a degree psychic, some more, others less. The subject under consideration would become too complicated, should this be explained in detail.

Suffice it to say, your own inner growth is responsible on what plane you are now functioning and how far you have evolved your psychic self.

Psychic gifts manifest gradually and only with persistent effort. They come easier when you are mindful of an all-around development.

Much take place during development that is seen and much more that is never revealed, not even during one’s entire lifetime.

The road to this attainment is usually strewn with thorns in the form of handicaps; such as standing alone, traveling and changing–depending on none but the Invisible.

The soul is constantly tested, and what more, no other can pass the tests for you. You must face them alone and if not fortified go through many trials. It takes cycles to evolve a state of consciousness to want to pursue such studies. You had to earn it, sometime, somewhere. It is yours to the degree that you utilizer the Power in helping mankind, but you may not use it for selfish purposes.

When using the Power in the right way the Supervising Intelligences will shield and protect the psychic Instrument and keep him on the earth plane till the service rendered reaches those destined to receive his help.

Viewing higher psychic developing sanely and without bias, one will versed in this science comes to the concluding that the medium and psychic because of their development become supersensitive, peculiar–different. This development always affects a change in the human organism. They feel too keenly any change in others, be they near or far. Constant sensing is theirs. It becomes instinctive like any other sense in use.

The Psychic and Medium can find solace and peace only on planes where peace prevails, where the ether waves are lighter and where order and harmony is the key-note.

The contrary state has a confusing and drastic effect on the aura and this in turn affects their well being. Those who rush in for quick development without preparation get into conflicting and sometimes obsessing conditions. Their mode of living and thinking tend to make them abnormally sensitive. Their thoughts swing from one extreme to the other, either becoming too elated or too gloomy.

The foregoing reveals facts about Psychic and Mediumistic unfoldment that few have dared to reveal. The gradual step-by-step process will help the earnest seeker to unfold the right way. It is hoped that the impatient emotional person will be prevented from dabbling in something that tends to make him abnormally sensitive and peculiar.

True Psychic development is gradual, moral and spiritual.

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