Trance is a subject as profound and as entrancing as this state indicates. The deeper the trance induced, the more interesting the phenomena.

There are various degrees of trance development:

They range from reveries, through day dreams, abstractions, semi-trance, trance and profound trance. Of course deep trance is preferred. It puts the medium’s personality aside. The medium does not have to color, dramatize or search his mind for what to say next.

It is a wonderful phase of mediumship, but not at all easily acquired or mastered.

Mediation will open the door to the unfoldment of trance. If you can quiet your physical senses, practice silence and meditate, you will bring out this particular gift, which is not at all easy to develop. The entranced medium becomes a living transmitter for the dead as well as for the living. The entities who come before him look alive, move and impart what they wish to. They reveal what is utterly impossible for the medium to know where he in a conscious state.

To go into all details from all angles, and to foresee coming events, belongs to the realm where wisdom abides and five-sense consciousness can have no play in it. Inside and prevision act simultaneously and are revealed through the entranced medium.

Much strain and guess work is dispensed with while the medium is under control. The conscious mind is temporarily in abeyance. It takes a rest, as it were.

Mind and brain power is for the time being used for the manifestation of this remarkable phenomenon. The trance medium acts normally and consciously on the Astral Plane as one does on this plane where we live. In fact, people and things stand out clearly, convey what they wish to, not in symbolism, but in understandable language. When an entity learns how to use the vocal organs of the medium, he then can talk with perfect ease.

Always remember, however, that an en-rapport must be established. The personality of the medium has a great deal to do with who the guiding control is; and entities are out of tune with the medium will not go near, just the same as you would discriminate in your dealings with people on this plane. When once this is substantiated, that “as above, so below,” so much of confusion and wrong interpretation as regards messages will be dispensed with. The physical and mental condition, especially the psychical of this fine and high quality of mediumship, should be seriously looked after.

Right living is essential for keeping the force properly balanced. The finer the instrumentality, the stronger the force, the better the control, and the more correct the messages.

The mental state and general moral outlook play their part as well. Truthfulness practiced and adhered to here on this plan registers in the human Aura.

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