Practical Steps

The easiest, quickest and safest way to unfold psychically is dependent upon how you take care of your organism, keep the physical body free from congestions, toxins and inflammations. Pure water, good air and correct foods are most important factors.

Give your body as much attention and care as you would give any other fine instrument that you use daily. A calm and cheerful outlook on life is essential. When you are properly balanced, desired results follow. Silence and mediation open the psychic door and assure comfort, serenity and color to your surroundings.

Associate with people who are developed and who possess an abundance of good magnetism. By good magnetism is meant those who are free from ill odors, who know the value of cleanliness, of esthetic taste, and who can control their appetites. Those are the rules to follow. First build up and renew your bodily forces, then learn to develop and use your real self to reach your Soul’s aim.

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