Physical Phenomena

When enough magnetism is obtained, it is used for various expressions. Entities clothe themselves in this substance to appear among–us, at least temporarily. You can readily see, were they as some like to believe–dead–spirit phenomena could not be produced.

Out of nothing something is never had. You must have some kind of material to produce. The better and the finer the material obtained, the quicker you can be convinced of their existence, presence and return. It is desirable to so gradually develop that every shadow of a doubt would be gone from your mind. Some say “seeing is believing.” Many things exist, whether you do see them or not. You never hear a person say how little he may know.

“Why don’t I sing as so and so does? Or play the violin as he does?” You know that such accomplishment can only be yours when you study from the earliest, practice and persevere; and if you are a genius you go to the very limit to perfect yourself in your chosen field. The same compensation in spiritual values can be yours, if you pursue investigations untiringly. There is no other answer. According to your faith will it be done unto you. Get the desire. Keep it alive under all conditions and you must unfold the best there is within you.

Physical phenomena have always interested seekers in this field of the unseen. Levitation is one phase of it. Independent spirit writing, as slate and automatic, comes under the same heading. And out of that you can develop more advanced phases such as trumpet, independent voice and others. The person exercising this power must necessarily have an abundance of electric force in his own body to begin with. This type of medium is usually slow-going, heavily built, phlegmatic.

Since everything is governed by law, spirit has the same immutable law. There is constant interchange of forces for the production of physical manifestation that so interests the on-looker. If you hear raps, not just imagine them, know that you possess a subtle something that helps to produce this type of phenomena.

It requires regular sittings to bring forth your particular gift. Select for associates those persons who possess an abundance of force, who relax easily, who are in sympathetic rapport with you, who will persist weeks, months, and if need be, years till you get satisfactory results.

Remember you will not get something for the asking merely. Only steadfastness and sincere purpose will swing the unseen doors open, and spirit voices will become clear and audible to delight the hearts of the true seeker, and to show how thin the veil is that separates us from those we have loved and seemingly lost.

When you become tireless in your search and effort, you will bring the Unseen Guests so close to you that they will materialize before your very eyes just as you have known them during life on the earth plane. You will perhaps be startled at how natural, how really themselves they are, still concerned about the things that once held interest for them. The feeling of this contact is positively sublime.

Do you want to know how true it is? Then develop yourself. Give as much time to this inner unfoldment as you would to paint a beautiful painting, or to become a singer. When you are chosen by the Intelligence as the instrumentality you must give service to keep the gift alive through use. Truly the impossible will become possible if you co-operate with those who have gone beyond and have acquired greater wisdom. They have learned their lessons in many incarnations. Know that only through service can we grow in spirit.

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