Materialization and Etherealization

Do you see materialized forms? Then you must be the gifted individual with a particular magnetism that the invisible beings can use and manipulate to build up a temporary vehicle or body to present themselves distinctly before you. This tendency or gift is usually inherited. You must be so shaped in your mother’s womb.

At your very birth you are guided, you walk and talk with these beings. Remember you naturally attract forces that harmonize with your own, but since forces grow and develop as you do, you are subject to attraction according to your growth. The body must be well kept as much power is used up in materializing forms. Depletion in the physical body of the medium means deterioration as well as ill health. You should balance the output of energy with the intake as this is most essential. An outdoor life is of much help to a materializing medium.

The sister phenomenon is etherealization, differing from materialization only in this respect: That not as much power is required and used up to etherealize forms. Also that a much finer quality of magnetism and plasm is required to build up these presences. Etherealized forms do not use the vocal organs. They are phantom-like in lightness and silvery in color, very dainty looking. This type of etherealized entity comes and goes, not necessarily conveying messages as some of the materialized groups do.

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