Great men and women in all ages have been endowed with psychic power. You cannot be notable in any line of worthwhile endeavor unless you are attuned and helped by invisible forces, whether conscious of it or not. You feel drawn toward those people in whom the magnetic force is strong and similar to your own; they only become popular and admired. It behooves all who come in contact with the public to cultivate this finer force. It may be said with assurance that the next generation will come in upon us freer, more magnetic and better attuned. They will be living radios. Quick perceptions and super mental gifts will be theirs with less effort than we enjoy at the the present.

The physical body is a most important vehicle, if from earliest childhood the body is kept well nourished, free and easy, unhampered, untaxed. Without cramming the brain, mental development will become in a sense intuitional. The child will get as good and better results from “insight” as from mental observation and brain calculation. Tumult and overactivity in the mental world is a stumbling-block for finer development. It is not how much you have crammed into your brainself that counts, but how much and how well you can bring it out and express it for good use.

From a practical as well as from a scientific viewpoint conscious psychic development is a great aid to human growth. When you know how to use your finer forces, you will not stoop to anything that is contrary to good taste.

Systematic development is advisable, no short cut, no hurry, but sensible guidance coming through accomplished teachers. They can point the way to your highest goal.

The old type medium is being replaced by the newer, the more scientific one, who is able to explain the whys and wherefores of phenomena. At best so much still remains unexplained because this field is so vast and rich, that much exploration is still required.

The day is approaching when geniuses will come forth and untiringly probe into the psychic mysteries that are still veiled from our sight and knowledge.

Who can tell what marvels await the coming generations in this particular field? It may be said safely thought, that great gifts will always belong to the few, those who are willing to study, wait, sacrifice, suffer, and diligently persevere under all conditions, daring at any cost to tell the world what they know, and how this knowledge can be acquired.

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