Impression-mediumship is a little more advanced sensing. The person who gets impressions abut people is a receiving station or a human radio. Everyone receives impressions from within as well as from the outer thought world. Feeling plays an important part in interpreting impressions. This is as great an art and even greater than many could imagine.

Your organism must become sensitized, receptive, an open channel for the transmission of other people’s thoughts. You can so develop yourself that as soon as you come near any person, you can at a glance know what is going on within him, whether happy or not, healthy or other wise. What is covered comes into visibility. You can tell how far the person before you has climbed the ladder in evolution.

An impression medium can do a great good because he knows his fellow man and what is going on in his life. He can appreciate the good in any one, and when it happens that he meets those traveling on the same plane and having similar vibrations, it spells joy to him.

The impression medium must guard against mixed vibrations, mental conflict and all inharmonious conditions. It upsets his finer self, causing untold discomfort and even pain in his physical body when out of tune with his environment. It requires days to adjust himself again, meantime paying with inexpressible suffering.

The denser or less impressive person cannot imagine what this state is. Only through development can one fully know and appreciate psychic values. Look upon yourself as an instrumentality, for such you are. The finer and cleaner you can keep yourself within and without, the better care you give yourself, growing calm and poised, the better chances you have for the attainment of supreme personality, individuality and power.

Great psychics are magnetic because of their development. They radiate what they are and know.

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