Do you have the gift of foresight? Make it a practice to observe what comes to you. You must not necessarily be in trance to manifest this phase. Insight is a psychic sense.

Some form of mathematical calculation seems to come into play and reveals what will take place. Though apparently conscious, the psychic who uses this faculty, advance-seeing, is not really all-conscious. You seem to know what outcome there is to the problem before you. Logically you could not know that.

When there is a tendency to foresee, test what comes true, note it, and determine to pursue this study. Foresight is a subtle, flesh-like thought-wave that registers in your mind. When you can trust your inner self, foresight will convey to you the exact answer to all queries. You may rely upon it. But as helpful as this gift is, one should not encourage foreseeing. It is misunderstood by many and leads to doubt.

If things fail to materialize to the exact letter, some followers become very critical when psychic work is under consideration, imagining because it comes through other channels than physical means, it must be perfect, forgetting that those out of the body that convey a message did not reach perfection, that in a sense they are still human, hardly used to their new environment. For some of them it is a problem to acclimate themselves because they miss the physical body, relatives, associates and whatever they prized and clung to in earthly life. Investigators in this field should not overlook true and vital facts. You must know that all is according to law, and growth is a spiritual asset, a commodity good on all planes. You must begin where you left off. Do not expect the impossible.

The entities like to have you look upon them still as human beings, not out somewhere in gloom, in obscurity as dead ghosts. Know that they are live beings, only in different bodies, a bit fine, conscious of all that takes place where they are, and learning lessons that they probably overlooked while in the flesh. Since their bodies are lighter and of more ethereal substance they move about with ease. Distance becomes less of a hindrance; and clear seeing and clear hearing are their compensation for the loss of vocal organs and audible expression. Feeling is conveyed by the entities, through direct impression.

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