Do you dream and have your dreams a tendency to materialize? Dreams are made of very tangible material. They are not shadowy phantoms that dissolve readily after you see them.

Your inner eye never sleeps. It becomes busy and actively engaged when your outer physical self is at rest. The more you can keep at rest during the day, the clearer will your dreams be. You function on planes that are real to the inner self. You meet the living, and more frequently the so-called dead, on the astral plane. Many marvelous developments take place during sleep. Your nature may be too positive, so you keep on opposing what is given to you during active thought life.

The invisible forces know that and refuse to be hindered, therefore, your development takes place during slumber. Your inner eye may then be opened for clairvoyance. Your inner hearing may unfold as in clairaudience. If you can heal, the forces may keep on, projecting you to places where you are most needed to render service even though unknown to you.

When you are sufficiently developed it will not be difficult for you to recall what was going on during sleep on higher planes.

Do you know that some people have the power to project themselves to any place or distance? As in absent healing, for instance. This is not visualization. You quiet your body as in trance. The deeper this induced state, the better will be the result.

In emergency cases where healthfulness is sought or similar important conditions have to be met, to know how to project yourself is the most potent factor in healing. All distance is then eliminated. You minister, soothe, heal, actually converse with your patient. Yes, you are near him at his bedside, whether the patient is conscious of your presence or not. If he is at all psychically developed, he will sense your presence.

Marvelous cures have been wrought during meditative projection; the deeper the mediation, the better the results obtained. You stop opposing your guiding forces during sleep, therefore many are developed through the period of rest. The inner mind accepts more readily the lesson given while the body is stilled in sleep. More so than it would in an active, waking state.

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