It is a mistaken idea that Mediums are negative. What proof is there to justify this erroneous statement? The fact is, that highly unfolded mediums and psychics are very positive. They rely on themselves, they co-operate with the unseen, in love and obedience and not in negations, as it is often asserted.

To appear before the public, to expand any philosophy, to definitely convey ideas, all require a positive personality. How could it be done otherwise?

It behooves all who want to develop themselves for greater work, to unfold their psychic power. This should be done for various reasons.

First: when you go through certain experiences yourself, you believe without doubting or taking anyone else’s word for granted. It is proof to you, especially in psychic matters.

Second: it makes you aware of a supersensible world where the five sense consciousness fails to discern. Because of your unfoldment, you dare do things you would not do otherwise. Few persons can express what they know and feel within them–they live and die repressed.

Even a fine intellect is not always much of a help to make you positive. Intellectual training is one means, and by far not the only one, for greater achievement. Supersensible knowledge can be acquired in an entirely different way; here discernment comes into play. It is a gift to be able to perceive clearly, and in order to do that correctly you should have the sixth sense awakened. This is extended consciousness. You know more than you ordinarily world. It is a combination of sensing and feeling–you feel more than you actually “see.”

The person psychically developed becomes a receiving station for thought vibrations coming from others, but it depends upon how the thoughts are interpreted.

Seemingly, the medium is better protected from thought waves than the psychic is. The reason for this lies in the fact that the medium is watched over by her “Control,” and when advanced and when he has attracted similar guides, they keep out of the way undeveloped entities and thoughts which clamor for admission from everywhere. This protection applies especially to mediums, but it is not always so in the case where the person has developed psychically.

The inner awakened man that lay slumbering and dormant heretofore, demands full recognition when once awakened. You can’t stop or go back. It is a living urge to which you are to listen while being trained. It is more exacting and not as lenient as the extraneous guiding forces. It is You, yet not You, it is positive in its reality though unseen, and when you rely on it, it will serve you at all times.

The Knower is directing. When you become properly attuned It will always guide you, demanding obedience and faithfulness from its subject, the psychic, throughout a lifetime.

It takes half one’s time and effort to develop mediumship. The guiding forces that help along are perhaps more lenient toward their instrument while development goes on. While the psychic must never stop unfolding, always giving an ear to what step to take next, helping others in a constructive way, he is an instrumentality, yet not as much subject to other forces as the medium is exposed to at all times.

A highly trained psychic consultor is one who has developed a perception beyond the physical senses. To him the inner man appears as he is in reality. The sitter may not really know that to clear vision, things that are clothed in flesh and obscured are nevertheless perceptible and outstanding to the sensitive ex-ray of the eye of the psychic, that when positive can without any doubt produce marvels in results, were it in health, mental hygiene and personal affairs.

Let me reveal you to yourself.
Show the way to attain Knowledge
that leads to Power
and Power to Wisdom Sublime.
by Rose Breitfeld

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