Do you sense clearly? Is your perception keen? Do you feel people? Does their presence make you harmonious or otherwise? Then know that you are a clear-seeing medium and the more poised and peaceful you can be, the finer your forces will become and the clearer your sensing faculty.

Clairvoyance is really an extension of all your senses, not only on one plane but on others as well. You use your sixth sense in seeing, feeling and hearing. Your five senses, plus others that are dormant, merge into one; then you become clairvoyant. You must necessarily become subjective, or partially so, to see clairvoyantly. During sleep, when you are being developed, you use this extraordinarily fine sense. Things and people become clear, real and colorful, as life made them. All guise is removed, and the truer your life (and values of life are here, on this plane) the truer this great and wonderful gift will manifest itself. It will not delude you but show coming events in sequential order that will come to pass; but you must cultivate a hopeful, expectant attitude.

You cannot hasten this finer spiritual development but you can help it along, using your gifts, by keeping the physical organism called You, free from excitement, emotional disturbances and run-down condition. Light food, plenty of water, rarified air are great aids in bringing to the fore this priceless faculty–clairvoyance.

When clairvoyance is your gift, you are directed how to “see” with the inner eye, travel in space in the spirit body, go through clear-seeing experiences, take part in whatever is before you. You become active in sleep state. When the time is up you are safely released.

Write down your visions and psychic experiences that take place during sleep while memory still lingers. Many unforeseen events are revealed when you are released from the body during rest.

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