Do you hear clearly within? It is not your physical ear that hears what takes place and informs you who the invisible beings are who whisper to you. You must sensitize your physical organism to catch the voice. When very still, listen–practice listening intently. An inner feeling will become a leading guide in your life.

A trance subject functioning on other planes can hear every word spoken audibly without strain or effort on the part of the sensitive.

Bear in mind that supernormal sensing is not accomplished with your senses. It requires patience, attention and cultivation to be come the gifted possessor of these finer senses. It is not accomplished in a few days, a few weeks or even a few months. Sitting for development may help but only persistence opens the door to inner knowing.

Psychic functioning can be developed as any of the fine arts and this is not done overnight. The finer the instrumentality, the better the results obtained.

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