Automatic Writing

This opens a great field for the one who can practice passivity and obedience to the inner voice. You must learn to relax. It is important to be punctual in keeping your lesson appointment with the invisible people. For best results practice with the Unseen what you would with your seen friends right here on earth. You grow in this writing expression as you would in any fine work. all psychic phenomena is art–a great art, if you please. You may be the finest psychic but you must not overlook the fact that practice makes the master.

A great pianist does not imagine that he can or may some day play his instrument because of chance, wishing or good luck. He goes about developing his talent in a scientific orderly way. He wants to play, he gets his instrument, he takes lessons, he attunes himself and practices daily. He meditates, he discovers. He associates with those who know the law underlying his particular art and incessantly strives. Tired? disappointed? ignored? What does it matter?

In time the accumulated growth that once took root deeply must shoot forth as a seed does when properly planted. When the artist knows that he really knows, he proceeds in a positive attitude and wins. You must win out when you pay the high price for your finer development.

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