Auric Vibrations

The Aura is the blue print of the individuality. This can be discerned, felt, read, interpreted, therefore when the blue print reveals what you are, you would naturally, through the power of attraction, attract about the same kind to assist you. How can the message come through correct and true when the conveying instrument lacks that very element of truthfulness.

This is the scientific explanation why so many foreseen events never come to pass.

A little serious study and consideration on the part of the medium will convince him of the accuracy of the statement. Since everything has a tendency to rebound sooner or later, this practice of truth should become a part of one’s own life. Then messages will come true because you will naturally get the right and truthful; and even the misleading forces will in time learn their lessons and become as you expect them to—truthful.

It is easier to work under Spirit Control. The instrument is looked after, the force is engineered by an intelligence well acquainted with laws governing psychic phenomena. The main thought should be to become obedient to the voice within. Passivity, meditation and complete relaxation of body will bring results when all other means have failed.

When can the genius artist paint his masterpiece? When deeply absorbed—away from mundane affairs that tend to keep him from great achievement. Remember that when you will rely on just you, the five-sense individual, you will be as the rest of the world passed by unnoticed. What playing would uplift you, were the virtuoso conscious of every move on his instrument? Would a great work come from the pen of the composer were he conscious of every little thing going on before him as it goes on in our conscious selves?

Authoritatively speaking, life here is not always colorful, gay or worthwhile. At best it is fleeting. Those who come through the shadows seem to have gotten rid of burdens that life here alone has for some reason put upon us. Living is serious. Some never become adjusted to life here. Such persons should take up mediumship to get away from this sinister condition.

Those who can look at any one thing as part and only part of the whole, should, when fully developed psychically, be happier because they can function where peace dwells, where sordid striving ceases.

You can rest assured that it is a great uplift to be in the company of the Illumined, who really know you, co-operate and help with your development. It is a gift worth striving for. It opens the door to something that a pen, no matter how masterfully manipulated by the instrumentality, can ever convey. You have to go through steps in development to appreciate what higher unfoldment stands for.

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