A Preliminary Postulate

You are a Spiritual Being endowed with great psychic power. You came into this world with a particular gift. Do you know what it is?

Remember there is no short cut to spiritual development. You must proceed step by step; cultivate, nurture and bring out into visibility what is now latent within you. Caution should be used not to overdo, so as to avoid strain and unbalance.

Nothing can be of real value or use before it is naturally ripened. This is well to remember. Each spiritual gift will be presented in sequence so that you can see where you fit in.

What is your spiritual gift? Do you heal? Do you make others happier with your presence? Do people confide in you easily? Are you willing to help when you are called upon? Then know you are a conscious healer, and higher illumination will come to you as you open yourself to the Divine inflow.

Healing of mind, body and mundane affairs is the most important phase of mediumship. The person so gifte has cosmic consciousness plus psychic power developed or else he would not have the urge to do this work. All psychic and mystical work is a blessing to the human family, but this high calling—this ministry—is a special dispensation to the chosen few.

Everyone living has some problem to solve. There are many perplexities that confront us. You cannot always unravel them yourself. You may be gifted in a particular way buy you do not always know what to do next for your best interests.

Some spiritual teachers claim that within you lies the answer to all your problems. At the first glace you may think so, but study this more deeply and you will find that the person who is impartial to you needs, who is not too close to your problem, can help you adjust yourself.

You may not know or value yourself in you particular activity or whatever occupation you pursue. Consequently you may not fit in where you actually belong in the scheme of things. This mis-adjustment can keep you guessing what to do next.

Another person with clear-seeing ability may place you just where you will fit in perfectly, beautifully, and beneficially.

When you are properly placed you can express yourself quite freely. You let tension go, you become naturally poised, you become receptive to higher, clearer and finer vibrations. People feel any change taking place in others. They sense it somehow. Whether or not they can express what they feel about you, do not matter visibly. You yourself will become aware that you are being healed, directed and guided. The more you rely on this guidance, the more you look for it, expect and cherish it.

So know that healing can take place in all the departments of your being. Each problem can be healed with patience and persistence. Persistence is the golden key to all greater development.

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