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Energy Grid for Prosperity Activated at the New Moon


To increase prosperity in one’s current job.


This energy grid is based on the work of Judy Hall’s The Ultimate Guide to Crystal Grids. The original recipient of this grid received increased pay of over 60% while the stones were being gathered for it. Place this grid out during the New Moon in the prosperity corner of the house. Find the prosperity corner by standing at the front door facing inward. The prosperity corner will be the farthest left corner of the house. Place at the New Moon as this waxes to the Full Moon. This will invoke pro-action and creation. As you place each stone, say the words “I am Word through my creation.”

Take the grid down at the Full Moon to recharge the stones. During the period when the moon is waning, allow and receive.

The base is not actually a grid, but Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man. The image is in the public domain and is available on Wikipedia at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonardo_da_Vinci#/media/File:Da_Vinci_Vitruve_Luc_Viatour.jpg or print out the PDF below. This energy grid does have a masculine aspect about it, and the original recipient was indeed a man. Place the stones in the order given.


Two (2) Carnelian Stones

As you can see the Carnelian is a bright orange the color of action. By placing Carnelian on the hands of the grid, we are invoking action. The hands will take action and perform the right duty at the right time.

Two (2) Malachite Stones

At the feet are Malachite. Malachite reflects the color of money. Money is only a measure of energy exchange. Malachite is anchored at the feet to create an awareness of security. This wouldn’t come about if not for your sincere intention to rise in this area. Each dollar added to you adds to the economy and increases the vibration to make others able to increase their vibration.

Three (3) Stones

Three stones below to create a ground that is actually grounding. This keeps the ego in check and allow rising through ranks in true form. The stones are not of any particular type, although choosing one’s that are meaningful to you are more beneficial.

One (1) Meteorite

This particular client receives messages from one we have called “The Ancient Astronaut.” They have indicated that a rock received from tspace will faciliatate communication. This is placed on the third eye. This particular meteorite came from the Meteor Crater near Winslow, AZ.

One (1) Ammonite

Two are shown, but only one is needed. Ammonite reminds us of the Golden Ratio, and that there is Divine Order to the Universe. The more we embrace the Divine Order the more manifesting is possible. The Ammonite is placed above the Crown Chakra to indicate your intention of your acceptance of this Divine Order. It is a portal for pure positive energy to glow and flow from Celestial Beings to you and shines as a beckon to follow for your highest vibration and must be used with upmost care and will. Lesser intentions will be obliterated in its quest.

One (1) Lapis Lazuli

The stone placed last is the Lapis Lazuli know for having particles of gold and being blue—the color of spiritual healing. Most mortals need blue for healing before progressing to the purple. This is placed over the heart, and this piece does look like a human heart. It symbolizes the heart of gold that seeks to help fellow man achieve healing before enlightenment.