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Create Your Happy

My wish for you this new year is that you spend a few minutes each day and create your own happy. Don’t think you have a few minutes? This is an exercise that only takes place in your head. You don’t have to go anywhere, you don’t have to even move at all. Inside each mind is a place of sacred sanctuary. You have one, I have one, we all have one. Unfortunately, a lot of us don’t remember where this place is, and have piled huge amounts of baggage in front of its doorway. It’s like the special treasure chest box in the attic where box upon box of dross is piled in front of it. We are afraid if we move the the boxes and baggage someone will squawk.

They may, but here’s a secret for you—that sacred sanctuary is still available to you, and if in this moment in your head, you give the squawking no power, you can move through that dross and enter. In the time you would normally spend explaining to yourself why you are can’t enter, you can be exploring a new frontier—you. Leave outside what everyone thinks, leave outside whatever everyone told you was wrong with you, leave outside your complaints, pains, prejudices, and especially other people. Then for a few minutes, selfishly, deliciously, think about one thing that you like to do and that in the doing of it you enter into a timeless state. What is it that you like doing that the hours seem to drop away? Imagine yourself doing this activity in a timeless heavenly place. It’s just you and your thoughts, no justification necessary, everything you do here is executed in a perfectly harmonious movie where you are the star, all the co-stars, and director with total creative control.

If, while in your sacred sanctuary, real world thoughts and reality come through the door, squash those thoughts. They really have no place here. If you can’t squash them, at least try to leave them outside the door for now. I, hereby, give you permission to perform this small exercise. Try it. Then try it again. For a while there will still be baggage in front of the doorway, but as you continually clear this pathway to your sacred sanctuary, you will find it is easier and easier to visit. Just a few minutes every day for a happy new year you, yourself, created.