Daily Reading

Page of Cups
Four of Wands
Two of Wands

Three of Pentacles
The Magician 1
Page of Pentacles
The Ace of Cups

Temperance 14
Seven of Cups
Eight of Pentacles
Three of Cups

All the pieces are in place for the magic to begin. The Page of Cups represents the eldest daughter whose career in the arts is ready to begin with a stable foundation represented by the Four of Wands. The Two of Wands indicates that all systems are go. Three of Pentacles represents perfection. The work has been perfected, and that leads to the The Magician. A Magician needs to practice to perfect his craft before he can go on stage. This Magician is ready. The next two cards are connected. What is going to happen is that another daughter is going to find her passion.
The Temperance indicates that an angel is present but that patience is required. People represented by the environment card are confused, but they probably will be. There is work ahead as represented by the Eight of Pentacles, but it is meaningful work. Three of cups is a celebration of three young women. This is a strong reading that things are going to start happening for this family.