Practiced Intention

There are many dimensions, some form only for brief periods for certain purposes. Your dimension is fairly stable. Others not so much.
Who are you?
Belcazar, is that correct?
Yes, I come because of your desire to practice the arts. There is a need for forums of communications. In this, we will guide you. Practice is paramount to progression. In its path will be the helping of others achieve same. You are experiencing a sensation around your head area.
That is the confirmation that we are present. Others will experience different sensations. It is different for everyone.
Why is that?
Body resonance. There are different blood types are there not?
Yes. Are there varieties of body resonance?
There are, but for the sake of our current discussion, we will not elaborate. Many books have been written on the subject.
Do you wish me to read such a book?
If one desires, but for you right now you need not. The sensation only be recognized as validation. The “Yes” validation or the “truth” validation.
I sometimes have a sensation in my arms when asking a question.
That is us, too, but that is more caution. Your desire is to attain flow state and this is gentle caution that the question is not headed in that direction.
It has been stated that one need only think of something that brings great joy, then follow actions that bring about this feeling.
Yes, that is correct. Once again, we recommend practice. Practiced Intention. You have several projects occurring, and you have been listening to your guidance. Follow your guidance.