The Totality of You

My sources tell me that this is nearly 100% accurate information. You have to understand that the totality of you is even bigger and broader than you (at present) understand. The information is nearly 100% accurate from where you stand, but it is 100% accurate from where we are. You will understand that in time, but it is not necessary at this point.
There may be things that you feel are dead wrong, but don’t neglect them. If you follow the threads, you will discover they will lead you to the truth. You have in this life the opportunity to become whole, to connect with the infinite. The things that are blocking you from reaching this, you have set up for yourself before you came here. You have chosen this time, this place, this lifetime to unblock all the karma and trauma from previous lifetimes. You have lived many lifetimes and have, like many, just went along with the lessons you were given, not analyzing what the lesson was for and consequently accumulated blockage after blockage. Now, most consider karma in terms of the extremes—I killed in that lifetime, in this lifetime I get killed. Karma is more subtle than that. A slight in one life results in a blockage in the next, and oh, what havoc those blockages create. In addition to life’s ailments, they attract more of the same karma to you. An abandonment issue is one life, creates abandonment issues in the next if the issue was not analyzed and resolved. If you didn’t pass the test in one life, you just get it again in the next.
You become so busy taking the test again, you neglect to learn and move away from it. Something that seems so small like a slight can become huge if not removed. Like a splinter may become infected. A whole limb can be lost because of it if untreated.
Once the trauma is resolved and moved away from, the door closes and windows open all over the place. If the windows aren’t open, there’s too many doors open. Sometimes closing the door is very painful as in a son closing the door to his Father, but the universe is ready to open a window to a relationship with a Father figure as soon as the door is closed.
Our fallacy is believing that there is only one solution to our issue (like MY Dad loves me), but that is the devil’s belief. Allow the universe to show you other options. Give it the chance.