Are Mediums Born or Made?

GenuineMediumship Mediums can be born or made. There are those that are born with the gift of Mediumship, like the Long Island Medium, while others who lack the natural power are able to develop Mediumship by practice and gradual unfoldment. Every medium natural or not must seek to continually develop their skills. Some of the world’s best mediums have been developed, while others in the same class have been born with the gift.
The book, Genuine Mediumship, written in 1919, goes into detail regarding the various forms and phases of Mediumship. In explaining these forms the book gives valuable advice to the medium concerning the manifestation of each phase. There is a wealth of practical and important information and instruction of this kind contained in the book, Genuine Mediumship. It describes the nature of the Spirit Power, How it is transmitted to the medium, and how the medium is able to receive and transmit it to others. The general principles of Mediumship are laid down, and the reader of the book is given a plain, practical, scientific understanding of this great subject.

Genuine Mediumship or The Invisible Powers represents the first book in our series on Victorian Spiritualism. Get this classic now.