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Repeat Your Wishes Until They Manifest — Abraham Hicks

Repeat Your Wishes Until They Manifest — Abraham Hicks

Abraham: Some time ago we offered a focus wheel. The idea of the focus wheel was you make a statement of something you want and you write it in the center of the wheel, and then you make statements, and you write them around the outside of the of the wheel, but the statements that you make aren’t to try to believe what’s in the center of the wheel, they are statements sorta, kinda about what’s in the center of the wheel that you already believe. And the analogy that we offered is like the merry-go-round on the playground. Esther had one in school when she was growing up. And she and her friends played on it all summer long. And they noticed that if they got on the wheel and the wheel was going really fast and someone tried to get on, they rarely could. Bounced them right off in the bushes. The momentum of the wheel was such that they couldn’t get on. But if the wheel was slow enough, they could get on and then speed it up. And then they had such fun with the faster and faster and faster momentum. This is really what we’re talking about here. You want to slow the thought down enough that you can get on and then speed it up. The thing that is most important about this conversation is that you speak often about things that you want that you already believe. We’re not asking you to make statements that you don’t believe that will just throw you off in the bushes. And there’s no value in that. You’ll never get better at that, but if you can slow it down enough that you make statements that you believe, and you can focus on those statements that you believe, and not introduce resistant thought to them, then those thoughts because Law of Attraction is responding to them—those thoughts will gain momentum, and when a thought gains momentum—hear this—we’re defining something for you, when a vibration of a thought gains momentum, it becomes more powerful and that’s when manifestations begin to occur to you. So if you just take some simple thought that you believe and don’t mess it up by trying to make it more complicated than it needs to be or by trying to change the way you feel about something, if you just take a simple thought that you already believe that matches what you want to know, that thought in and of itself will become bigger. What about that? Isn’t that just amazing to know? All that effort that you’ve been offering from a place of trying to overcome something, no wonder you get tired because you’re bucking your own current. But when you take a thought that doesn’t have resistance in it and you just allow it to sit within you that’s why meditation works. That’s why there’s such power in meditation. When you quiet your mind, you stop thought, and when you stop thought you stop resistance. And in the absence of resistance only resistant-free thought will flow to you. That’s why you start feeling. That’s why emotions start manifesting within you. That’s why you start feeling movement. In the absence of resistant thought, all things are possible, you see. So then the big argument that most humans have had about that is, “I don’t want to stop thinking. I want to be a thinker.” We want you to be a thinker, too, but we want you to get on your high flying disk before you think. We want you to get into the Vortex before you think. We want you to prepare your vibrational atmosphere. We want you to set yourself up for the thoughts that feel good when they come. We want you to be your own thinker. We want you to think about all kinds of things, but first and foremost, we want the thought that you think to feel good when you think it. Period. Problem-solving thoughts….ooh I think I’ll think about this problem. I think I’ll think about this problem. That doesn’t feel good. When you think about a problem, think about a problem, don’t think about a problem, but when you think about a problem. You think about a problem, you get that sort of funny feeling in your stomach when you think about the problem because you’re introducing resistance to the answer that already culminating within you. The problem and the solution—the question and the answer are simultaneously within your reach. You just have to decide whether you are tuning to the solution or the problem, you see. And so, if you care about how you feel, and we know that you do, and if you want momentum to increase, and we know that you do, if you will give yourself a break and not try and figure it out all at once. Say to yourself when you get up in the morning “This is going to be a fun day. Give me lots of evidence of this. I’m not going to overthink it. I’m not going to overthink it. I’m not going to overthink it. I’m overthinking it already. I’m going to be easy about this. This is easy. This is easier than I have known. These things I know. I know that I’m a vibrational being.” You do. ” I know that I live in a vibrational universe. I’m coming to know, I could say that I believe I’m an extension of Source energy, and I believe that I’m here to come to my own personal conclusions about what I want.” Do you believe all of that? Yeah, you do.

Hot Seater: Yes.

Abraham: “I know that I’ve launched some rockets of desire, and I know that I’m not vibrationally up-to-speed with them yet, but I know that I can be. And I have a hunch that getting up-to-speed with them is the fun of life. So I’m happy that there are things that I’m not up-to-speed with. I’m happy that there are things still forming to become eager about. I like this idea of never ended eagerness. I’m going to give myself a break. I’m going to be easier about all of this. I’m going to accept the goodness of my being. I’m going to watch for the evidence that source is with me. I’m going to watch for those times when I’m in a sort of neutral zone when good ideas come. I’m going to be more of a feeler of my way through this than a thinker. I’m really good at thinking. I’m really good at thinking you are too. You are a powerful focuser.

Hot Seater: so good.

I like this. And just appreciate the contrast
Abraham: you are a powerful think you’re which means you can get the wobble free moment I’m going easily or you can introduce wobble to it easily because because you focus powerfully you’ve been a problem solver for a long time now we’re wanting you for a while just be a problem of order and buy a problem avoid her we made a good feeling finder. We want you to teach yourself from that law of attraction is responding to you. And these things we are certain of we told you the things that you know these are the things that we know about you going forward you’re never again going to tell that story. Oh you’ll tell that story. You will tell that story. But you’re never again going to tell it without recognizing what you’re doing and as you tell that story and recognize what you’re doing you’re going to find it humorous because it sort of an old habit and you’re you’re going to say things like old habits die hard but new habits come come on strong. The reason that old habits die hard is because you are a strong focus her so you could just as easily say new habits and credit increase quickly for me as old habits die hard because both The words The words the words ball really sure of them are the function of your ability to focus you say I have just figured out that I want to be a more selective sifter I’m going to be pickier about things that I turn my attention to the word I’m going to be going to be more of a feeler then I think you’re just the shore that up just a little bit we want to ask you to feel with us the difference between love and appreciation are the same vibration really feel the feeling of love feel what it feels like to hold someone in your gaze and they’ve done something they’ve stock up on you didn’t even see it coming but you just sort of taking them in and realizing who they are and you haven’t got any story going really sort of neutral zone and so you’re seeing them through the eyes of source and you just feel really strong appreciation and love for for this person I just sort of feel it feel it with us are you getting what we’re talking about now tried to describe what love is use words love is love is love is love is love is lovers it comes and goes sometimes I feel it sometimes I don’t but The words fall really short…

Hot Seater: It just is, yeah.

Abraham: The words fall really short of the translation of the vibration that your emotions are giving you. That’s really what we want you to hear, and you’ve been trying to use your words in ways that words can’t really be used very well, and in an effort to use words in order to explain things you just complicated though you want to go back to the basics basics of feeling you soon that’s why isn’t that you were born with emotion emotions that let you know how you doing in relation to who you really are get on the subject and allow yourself to allow the moment momenta together until you rampage and feel what it feels like to love I like being at this time on this planet I like being an extension of source energy I love being here we’re law of attraction of bones I like saying things unfold I like all that has gone before I like where I stand I like the feeling of motion forward that I’m feeling I like beginning to believe but I’m up for a tour of my own reality I like I love seeing universal with response to my thoughts I like feeling my way through this I love you evidence that comes I like recognizing the evidence I like the increase in positive emotions that I’m feeling I like the power mode that’s coming over me more and more I like the fun that I’m having I like the fun people that are gathering around me I like the insights that are coming to me. I think this is like the perfect time to be alive in this physical time space reality. I can’t think of a better time than right here right now. Feel the presence of source in all things. I can feel the well-being of source in all things. I could feel that we are in a better place than we’ve ever been i’m just about any topic that I turn my attention to. I’m so loving having left left and come to the conclusion that I’ve come to love the desires that are passing me and I love the feeling of those desires being able to manifest. I love watching things unfold in bigger ways. I really really like sharing this planet with others and I Saul like attraction is matching me up with others that are like me leaving edge platform that so many many of us are standing on. It really feels good to feel good it really feels good this feeling of invincibility that is that is washing over me every now and again. I love that feeling. I love the feeling of clarity more than just about any other feeling in the world. I love having a thought that I’m not contradicting anyway, and I love the feeling of clarity. I love the feeling of rendezvousing with Source this thought at this time. I love that feeling of clarity that I feel so often I’m so happy to know what I know. I love being alive in this time. I love the others that are interacting with me. I love thinking about where I’m going. I love thinking about the opportunities that are there for me. I’m happy that every experience that I’ve ever lived to put that stuff in my board tax I believe that my board Texas real I wouldn’t want it I wouldn’t want to dump into my realization all alarms it’ll be over what it would be overwhelming to me. I like that comes a little bit at a time. I love the trail that unfolds before me. I like being alone. I like this vivid feeling that I’m feeling.. I like the resource fullness of Source. I love how much Source loves me. I love how much source loves others when source looks through my eyes at others. I love the feeling of being so in sync with source that I can look out into the world but my gaze. I love becoming aware of a situation on this planet. And I love the feeling that the solution is right there with the problem. And I love the feeling that the solution is pulsing somewhere within the hearts of all of us. I love knowing that the solution are there I’m starting to believe that the problems in the solutions are almost presenting themselves simultaneously. I think that’s what this mixing and moving through this dynamic with reality we are all low about Isabel. I love the right place at the right time of me. I’m so ready for this. I’m so Ready to excel in the direction of things that matter to me I can tell the story and Leslie. I can go on anon anon. There is no end to the appreciation that I can extend that I can feel that I can speak right here and now. I could stay in this wobble free play’s and speak the appreciation my value my worthiness you your values your worthiness the alignment the co-creation of all of us. Oh my did we have a good plan when we said we come forth. And what time space that gives birth to new ideas every one of them achievable. Every idea born out of this time space reality. Achievable an existing for the fun for the experience of the unfolding I love knowing that I don’t need to get anything done that there is it something that that’s broken that somebody has to hasn’t signed it be something that I’ve disappointed them in someway I’m just living my way a lot to this good feeling trail finding the feeling is it feel good and watching what happens. I’m a vessel for Source. I’m a conduit for energy to flow. Sometimes on the right words at the right time for someone to hear them. Sometimes I’m just a class for us a room or a smile to somebody who’s looking for that. I don’t have to be perfect. I don’t have to know it all. I never will know it all. I just have to feel good right now and do what comes next after feeling good right now. Good enough? Known all of that there’s way more conversation that was over necessary. You could pet your cat I’m out of work done. Really you could.

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